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Kagami jumps high in the sky, grabs the ball and dunks it in. They have first showed this within the match against Shinkyō Academy and did it again in the recreation in opposition to Seihō High.


Kagami finds Kuroko who apologises for being late because of getting a photo from Momoi, which was taken on his birthday. The two join the rest of the team as the picture in Kuroko’s locker is proven with himself and the remainder of the Generation of Miracles taking part in street ball.

Ball Strike

Izuki faces Hayama again, but Hayama passes him once more. After passing Izuki, Hayama notices Kuroko attempting to cease him, however invades Kuroko as nicely, when abruptly Kagami stops Hayama when he was trying to shoot. Kuroko catches the ball and uses his Cyclone Pass to move the ball to Koganei who passes to Izuki, who then passes to Kagami who dunks. Kiyoshi dunks, elevating Seirin’s rating, the current score being . On the sidelines, the acquainted faces comment that Kagami is keeping the stress on Akashi in defence and Kuroko is on the offence getting factors. They notice that now there is nonetheless hope for Seirin, with the facility of light and shadow.

Akashi describes defeat as immense pain in the chest as he approaches Kuroko and extends his arm for a handshake. Tears are seen on Akashi’s face as he congratulates Seirin and Kuroko on their victory. Kuroko and Akashi shake arms and conform to play with each other again in the future. The ceremony begins and Seirin are given their trophies, along with the Winter Cup.

Setting A Volleyball Associated Pages

Izuki faces Hayama once more, however is unable to cease him. This time Izuki tells his teammates that he will definitely cease Hayama.

Seirin’s opponents within the viewers leave, making ready to coach for future confrontations with Seirin. Seirin is on the defence as it is Rakuzan’s counterattack. Mibuchi fakes and advances further to the basket however is confronted by Kagami now. With a warning from Akashi, Mibuchi evades and passes to Nebuya. However, Kuroko seems https://bestadulthookup.com/xmeets-review/ and intercepts the pass, stealing the ball for Seirin. Kagami receives the ball once more and passes to Hyūga who goes for a shot which is stopped by Mayuzumi. During Rakuzan’s counterattack, Akashi has the ball and uses his Ankle Break to make Kagami fall and score a basket for his staff.